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About Fast Track Auction

Leading the way with new online bidding technology, Fast Track Marketplace utilizes the Internet Only Auction method, benefiting both the buyer and seller. We value relationships and understand the needs of both parties in order to create long-lasting partnerships with both. To put it simply, we care about people and have found that this is the integral difference between us and other companies in our field.

Fast Track Marketplace has an expert understanding of the broad range of needs by a business. Whether your organization is downsizing, remodeling, relocating, closing, or possesses surplus, Fast Track Marketplace is ready to utilize our proven process to accomplish the uniqueness of each project. We strive for maximum return on your assets and consider ourselves partners in your project rather than liquidators. Fast Track Marketplace can handle any project in any size within any time frame, often requiring little to no time or effort on our clients’ part. We often save our client’s money as well as gaining the optimal return on assets.

We have a superior knowledge of all types of business assets, including but not limited to: commercial restaurant equipment, building materials, heavy equipment, retail inventory and more. Understanding various situations enables our company to provide a total management solution for each project, which includes post-sale clean-up, a dedicated project management team, a detailed settlement down to the item, and ongoing support.

We convert assets into cash promptly! Fast Track Marketplace’s proven marketing process stops the loss in depreciation of held assets and realizes returns for our clients much greater than a liquidator’s.

Fast Track Marketplace upholds the highest standards of service. We strive to exceed all expectations and fulfill all commitments. Our family believes that reliability, integrity, and understanding are the essential principles in any business. Fast Track Marketplace is detail-oriented, realizing that the little things are what make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. As your partner in the process, Fast Track Marketplace sets the same goals for itself as its client.